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Explore the depth and breadth of groundbreaking orthopaedic research conducted by the Canadian RSA Network.

Multi-centre: One hyphenated word which signifies powerful, leading research, quality, generalizable data, elimination of surgeon/geographic bias due to single centres, rapid patient enrollment, and the collective brainpower of a dozen highly-experienced, leading RSA researchers and professional engineers.

The advantage of a multi-centre versus single-centre study is that the product being examined is tested under a much broader range of conditions. Multi-center means multiple surgeons with multiple surgical techniques, varying levels of surgical experience, and differences in their abilities. It means multiple groups of patients from different geographic regions with varying demographics. It means multiple post-operative care regimes and physiotherapy protocols. It means multiple centers working together to recruit patients many times faster than a single center so that the research can happen quicker. It is true, real-world testing.

The Canadian RSA Network has mitigated the inconsistencies involved with data collection from multiple sites. We are entering into an agreement to standardize the RSA imaging and data collection methods between centres according to the ISO 15189 standardization of clinical laboratories. We have collaborated with an RSA image analysis service – Halifax Biomedical Inc. – which will perform the RSA image analysis for all centres in a consistent and reliable manner, and is fully certified to the ISO 9001 quality systems standard. We are also working on collaboration with an online, secure database service – Ortech – whom will act as a central, standardized repository for all RSA and patient data.

We are joined in a single entity, The Canadian RSA Network, such that orthopaedic companies, and parties interested in employing our services can sign one contract with one entity instead of with 5 different research groups. We’ve made it easy.

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