Excellence in RSA Clinical Research

Our network is a nexus of expertise, fostering standardized methodologies and centralized management to elevate RSA clinical research.

RSA = Radio (X-ray) – Stereo (two or more) – metric (measurement) – Analysis (to draw understanding from)

Welcome to the Canadian RSA (Radio Stereometric Analysis) Network, a collaborative alliance of esteemed orthopaedic institutions dedicated to pioneering excellence in orthopaedic research across Canada. Our network is a nexus of expertise, fostering standardized methodologies and centralized management to elevate RSA clinical research. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to advancing medical device safety, efficacy, and patient care through rigorous evaluation and advocacy for RSA technology in orthopaedic diagnostics.

Standardized Excellence in Research

At the Canadian RSA Network, we employ standardized methodologies to ensure excellence in orthopaedic research. Our collaborative approach unifies leading orthopaedic institutions across Canada, setting the gold standard for RSA clinical research. By centralizing management and adhering to rigorous standards, we guarantee meaningful outcomes that drive innovation and elevate patient care nationwide.

Innovative Collaborations for Impactful Solutions

Join our network to be a part of groundbreaking collaborations that drive impactful solutions in orthopaedics. We offer a centralized point of access for multi-centre RSA research, fostering partnerships and engagements that fuel innovation. By expanding our national network, we create avenues for transformative advancements in orthopaedic medical devices and surgical techniques, benefitting patients across diverse healthcare settings.


Advocacy and Global Outreach

Advocacy lies at the core of our mission. We champion RSA technology’s critical role in clinical orthopaedics and regulatory approvals for medical devices. Through partnerships with international RSA organizations, we aim to increase global awareness and knowledge of RSA science and technology. Our dedication extends beyond research—we actively engage with regulatory agencies, industry stakeholders, governments, academia, and healthcare institutions, translating our research into tangible advancements for orthopaedics.


About Us

We are one entity comprised of three different research groups, from leading orthopaedic institutions in Central, Eastern, and Atlantic Canada. We seek to recruit other centres from across Canada so that we can truly be a national network.


Our mission is multifaceted:

  • Excellence in RSA Clinical Research: We strive to provide unparalleled excellence in RSA clinical research, setting the benchmark for standardized methodologies. Collaborating with academic healthcare institutions, government entities, and industry partners, we aim to ensure that orthopaedic medical devices and surgical techniques meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness for Canadian patients.
  • Advocacy and Advancement: We advocate for RSA as a vital diagnostic tool in clinical orthopaedics and its role in the regulatory approval process for medical devices. Moreover, we are dedicated to advancing RSA science and technology in Canada, pushing the boundaries of innovation in orthopaedic care.


“The safest and longest lasting orthopaedic medical devices for all.”

Our Mandates

Clinical Trial Management:

We offer high-quality clinical RSA trial management services, serving industry, academia, and government entities in evaluating orthopaedic medical devices and surgical techniques.

Centralized Research Access:

As a centralized point of access for multi-centre RSA research in Canada, we streamline collaboration and facilitate efficient, impactful studies.

National Network Expansion:

We continuously expand our national network by fostering innovative RSA research through grants, partnerships, and collaborations with esteemed healthcare institutions and academic centers of excellence across Canada.

Quality Assurance and Standardization:

Our commitment to standardized, independent data collection, analysis, and interpretation adheres to internationally recognized quality standards, ensuring world-class quality assurance benchmarks.

Support for Orthopaedic Subspecialties:

We extend our support to all orthopaedic surgical subspecialties, harnessing the power of RSA technology to advance patient care across diverse medical domains.

Global Partnerships and Training:

Collaborating with international RSA organizations, we strive to advance RSA technology and raise awareness in orthopaedics globally. Additionally, we help facilitate training to nurture highly qualified personnel in RSA science.

Advocacy and Knowledge Translation:

We advocate for the clinical evaluation of medical devices using RSA technology to regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, and healthcare policy makers. Furthermore, we actively translate RSA research and advancements to global regulatory agencies, industry partners, governments, academia, and healthcare institutions.